To bring the issues patients have with the MMJ law and rules to the attention of Ohio's lawmakers, we will be launching an email campaign.

The campaign will work like this:

We intend to send an email out monthly to each Ohio House and Senate member. The emails will cover issues patients of Ohio have with the MMJ program.

We will be asking Ohioans who agree with the contents of the email to sign their name. The email will be circulated for thirty days so that everyone has a chance to sign before send-off.

*Because the Ohio legislature will be in summer recess until September, the below email will circulate for the entire summer.

Ask the Ohio legislature to amend HB 523 to allow for combustion.

Dear Members of the Ohio House and Senate,

Today, we are writing to you regarding the inability of patients in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program to combust their medicine legally. House Bill 523 prohibits an MMJ patient’s ability to administer cannabis in a way that provides them with the quickest and most effective form of relief. Studies showing that cannabis causes long-term lung damage or cancer don’t exist, yet most patients can attest to the relief they experience when they combust their medicine.

Recently, both Minnesota and Louisiana’s legislature’s moved forward with amending their medical cannabis laws to allow for the sale of flower and combustion. Most states with MMJ programs allow for the combustion of the plant, even Alabama and except for Ohio and a couple of others.

We believe that now is the time to move forward with amending Ohio’s medical cannabis law to give patients the freedom to consume a healing plant. Ohio MMJ patients want their legislators to take up this cause and introduce legislation to amend HB523 to allow for the combustion of cannabis. Can we count on you to help us?


Follow the form below to sign your name to the above email.